Terms of delivery
Only the delivery terms indicated by WIFITaxi in their order confirmation are to be considered valid. Any delays in delivery will not give, in any case, to the Customer to obtain price reductions, payment extensions or any type of compensation.
The goods are intended as “ex-warehouse” WIFITaxi. The responsibilities and risks of transport are the exclusive responsibility of the Customer, without prejudice to any recourse thereof against the carrier/shipper. In the event that the Customer refuses to withdraw the products being sold, all risks, responsibilities and charges for their conservation will be at his sole charge.

Prices and terms of payment
The prices shown in the order confirmation are net of taxes, duties, transport costs and any other charges. WiFITaxi reserves the right to modify prices and information relating to the products on display, without any prior notice.
Any changes in the price lists will not affect orders already confirmed by WiFITaxi. Orders are always processed with payment by bank transfer, cash on delivery, credit card or Paypal. There are no additional charges for cash on delivery payments or for those by credit card or Paypal. The maximum value of orders payable by credit card or cash on delivery is limited to € 2,500.

For any dispute concerning the interpretation and/or execution of the supply, the Court of Ancona (ITALY) will have exclusive jurisdiction.

The duration of the warranty period is one year from the date of delivery of the goods.
Warranty repair is provided on the condition that the returned products have not been subject to unauthorized transformations, tampering and/or repairs and that they have been installed, in accordance with the instructions provided by the Manufacturer.
No warranty is applicable to products without the original label, bearing the code and serial number of the article.
The products under repair must be returned free of charge, with the return authorization form attached with the RMA number assigned by WIFITaxi (see page Return of materials), and will be sent back to “free port” throughout Italy. Each product of our production is repaired, with a card containing the significant data of the work performed.
No other expenses or damages (direct or indirect, present or future) can be charged to the Supplier. Any shortages of the products shipped must be notified by the purchaser no later than five days from the date of delivery.

Returns in any capacity, if not authorized and in “Free Port (DDP)”, will be rejected. Return requests must be made through the appropriate procedure available on the returns management page.

In case of return for repair/overhaul
Products returned for repair/revision are examined every week on Monday. Where possible, the repair is carried out in our laboratories, otherwise, in the case of third-party products, the products are shipped to the laboratories of the respective manufacturers.
Each product of our production is repaired, with a card containing the significant data of the work performed.

In case of repair/replacement under warranty, the products will be returned to the sender in Free Port throughout Italy.
In case of repair/replacement out of warranty (or not covered by warranty), the final balance will be issued for the work carried out and, upon confirmation by the Customer, the material will be sent back to the Free Port with the invoice charged.

In case of return of goods for re-credit
Returns of products for “re-credit” must always be previously authorized and must be made no later than 30 days from the date of shipment. In this case, the Customer will receive a refund of the amount spent, subject to the charges for reconditioning, within 30 days from the date of receipt of the returned material. Who intends to make use of this faculty must make the product carriage free, intact and in its original packaging, indicating, in the reason for the transport document “Return for credit”. The maximum repayable amount is € 150 (one hundred and fifty euros). Data SIMs are never refundable even if not used.