LED Legend:

1) Power led
2) Sim Card slot
3) Reset button
4) Wifi on / off
5) 2G connection
6) 3G connection
7) 4G connection
8) Signal strength 2/3/4G


If LED 8 flashes every 500ms. means that the router is powering up
If LED 4 is off, the WIFI is disconnected
If the 5/6/7 LEDs flash constantly every second it means that the SIM is missing or there is a PIN (to be removed)
If the 5/6/7 LEDs flash sequentially, the SIM holder is not inserted correctly
If the 5/6/7 LED is on, this means that the device is connected to the 2/3 / 4G network
If the LED 5/6/7 flashes quickly it means that the equipment is transmitting data correctly

ATTENTION Before completing the request, follow the instructions below:

1- Turn on the unit and wait 120 seconds
2- Check that the data SIM is active, without PIN and enabled for data traffic (you can try it on a smartphone)
3- Verify that the APN has been correctly configured via the APP

To request technical assistance, open a ticket here

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